Tulsa Monthly Pool Maintenance and Service

We can clean your Pool On a Monthly Basis!

We include everything and more in your monthly pool cleaning. From the best pool cleaner in Tulsa, to everything that anyone could possibly desire to keep your pool looking fantastic. Convenience and affordability for our customers is a top priority for us.  All of our highly trained technicians will arrive at your most convenient pre-scheduled time , fully prepared, every single month with no hassle or fuss. Every single visit begins with an assessment of the cleanliness of your pool and how and if it has changed from our previous visit. All facets of your pool will be evaluated, surface of the water, bottom and sides of the pool, and even the decks to ensure even the smallest defects or blemishes get remedied. Then they move onto testing the PH and alkaline levels and chemicals in the water to ensure proper levels of acid and base to make sure it is 1000 percent safe to swim. After they have finished checking the water quality, they move quickly onto cleaning and vacuuming the pool. Checking the pool for dirt and refuse comes next and making sure anything that has fallen into the pool is removed. After all the surfaces are checked, water is deemed to be safe and the whole pool shimmers and shines, our veteran pool professionals inspect the functionality of all the pool equipment. The pipes, pumps, filters, valves and drainage systems are all checked and tested to ensure peak performance and operations will in fact continue optimally until our next visit. Our technicians guarantee your property and swimming pool will be left exactly the way we found it after our visit is completed, with the added bonus of a great looking pool or spa or both. We will ensure all equipment is stored where it is supposed to be, all dirt and debris vacuumed and disposed of, leaving your pool area clean with no indication that we were even there. If any severe problems or issues are found, our technicians will make sure and inform you of any further action that needs to be taken or remedied. We will definitely keep you in the loop!

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Tulsa OK Pool Cleaning

How Else Can You Maintain Your Pool?

Even though our monthly maintenance service here at Tulsa Pool Cleaning is wildly affordable and convenient, there are still many things to be mindful of when trying to keep your pool constantly clean. We mentioned many common tips on our other pages here on our site, like keeping the pump and filter turned off during seasonal storms to keep out the debris that could clog the system. But aside from that, the most important key to the safety and cleanliness of any pool system is the chemicals. The maintenance and upkeep and testing and balancing of chemicals in your pool are the most important aspect of the entire pool experience because it directly relates to safety. By keeping the chemicals inside the water in your swimming pool diligently in check, you will control the micro-organisms and bacteria and keep them out of the swimming pool you and your family love and swim in. If the water in your pool is not treated properly, especially in this southern state we love, it is almost a sure thing that your pool will begin growing harmful algae, pathogens and bacteria, that can absolutely grow into something that can be very harmful to anyone who gets in and is exposed to them. We know that is a scary thing to say, but it is true, it can happen. But, having said all that, if you get on our monthly service plan, it won’t be that difficult for you to do what you need to do to keep your pool chemicals in balance. Our trained technicians can and will get all the pool chemicals in check and keep your pool in complete harmony with no hassle.

Once you contract with our company to come to your location every month, our technicians will run the correct water treatment tests and then apply the appropriate chemicals to balance out your pool, to ensure the proper PH and alkaline levels, and to ensure the safety of your pool. We stand behind our workmanship with a %100 guarantee that your pool will be free of pathogens and bacteria and micro organisms and your pool water will be completely safe.

What are you Waiting For?

Who really wants to be out there constantly checking the PH and chemical levels of their pool every day? And then, when something does go wrong you must go through the hassle of trying to find someone to hire every time you need a job done. A BETTER IDEA is to leave the work to the pros’ at Tulsa Pool Cleaning, let us come out on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis and take care of all your pool needs so you don’t have to worry about it. When it’s all said and done, it will be much less stressful on you, the pool owner. We can save you money with our package deals, and you will be leaving your pool care in the most capable hands it could possibly be left in. We not only take the looks of your pool seriously, but the water safety is our highest priority, we know you also take it seriously as well. So, with all that said, go ahead and give us a call, and let us show you how we can change your entire property and your life by having the best monthly pool cleaning service take the dirty work off of your hands!