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Tulsa OK Pool Acid WashIf you have a very dirty pool that is covered in stains, or perhaps it has enormous blooms of algae rising on the surface then it’s most likely time to have an acid wash carried out on your swimming pool. If you want to bring back that shine and glow your pool once had, you can accomplish that by Acid washing your pool. It doesn’t matter how dirty it is.

What is Acid Washing?

Acid washing is a procedure that strips a little layer of plaster and exposes the clean plaster beneath the grime, dirt, algae and stains that may have occupied the surface of your swimming pool. We’re the best choice if you’re considering this kind of pool service within Tulsa.

An acid wash can get rid of mineral deposits, or dirt stains, not excluding chlorine stains.  Let our pool cleaning and draining experts make your pool glow the way it was when it was newly installed. Get in touch with us today, we can save you money!

The acids and chemicals used to strip the surface of your pool can be hazardous and proper restraints should be adhered to. Our pool specialists know how to safeguard equipment, the environment and personnel.  Don’t allow amateur and inexperienced cleaning agencies work on your project because they could damage your pool’s surface, or equipment, or make your family or pets fall sick from inhaling unsafe chemicals.

Acid washing is not something one does yearly since it takes out the top layers of plaster from the surface of your pool, however, every few years, you ought to hire a pool cleaning service to handle the subtle work of acid washing your amazing swimming pool.

If you ever need your pool cleaned, call Tulsa Pool cleaning Service. Our pool engineers are expertly competent and have years of experience acquired from cleaning swimming pools within the Tulsa region and surrounding zones.

Get in touch with us today to put our certified techs to work on your acid wash issues!

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