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At Tulsa Pool Cleaning and Service, our number one concern is to keep your pool and spa sparkling clean and free from all foreign components. We service Tulsa and many surrounding areas. We are local and a proud pool cleaning business and we pride ourselves in ensuring that your pool is clean and clear, runs smoothly and is malfunction free.

Pool and hot tub Maintenance can definitely be tricky. We have acquired this expertise over many years of experience. We are always very detail oriented when hired for pool cleaning and service jobs. Our goal is to provide our customers the very best looking pool and or spa they could imagine, without having to do the work themselves. If you hire us, you will always have a pool that our company and each and every one of our customers can be proud of.

After a long day at the office, most pool owners find it extremely relaxing to get to their pools and begin winding down and relieving some stress. Often times, it can be just the opposite. Nobody wants to return home after a long stressful day at work and find a dirty pool and see that their pool filter is broken down and hasn’t been running all day and needs to be serviced. When that happens, this is where we step in, leave your swimming pool in the safe hands of our professionals that are trained to deal with all of your pools needs. Rest assured that we can take care of your pool troubles and we will handle the job. We will breathe the life back in to your pool and make it sparkle and shine and look as if it was new again. Give us a call or fill out our form for a no obligation, free quote.

Here at Tulsa Pool Cleaning Pro’s, we do more than pool cleaning! You can also call us if any of your equipment is malfunctioning: pipes, pumps, old heaters, filters, liners, robotic cleaners, lights and many more pool components. We can also work on water clarity and algae problems, or maybe you want to change from standard chlorine to a salt water system or vice versa. We guarantee that Tulsa Pool Cleaning can service your pool or equipment problems completely and with ease.

A Quick Pump Saving Trick

Oklahoma storms can leave your pool full of dust and debris and a great big mess. The debris from storms has a high chance of getting sucked into your pump from the skimmers and jam up your pump. One tip for you to maintain your circulation systems and keep your pump in tip top shape is to simply shut off your pump if a bad storm is on the way! You will save a lot of time, money, headache and hassle, so take it from the pros at Tulsa pool cleaning that this is definitely something you will want to try. ​

Pool Maintenance & Service

Improper pool care can be disastrous, expensive, costly, and can be stressful if you don’t know how or who to help. This is where we enter the picture. You just have to call us to book an appointment and we will be glad to help you. We strive to go beyond your expectations of any other pool care service company you may have tried in the past. We do so by personalizing your appointment so we can understand what you want for your pool and our best method of achieving that goal. With our process, we will find the most cost effective way of providing the services that you need for the best price, with methods unmatched by our competitors. We wouldn’t say it if we didn’t mean it, we are confident in our staff and our systems, call today! 

Whether you want pool servicing, maintenance, cleaning or if you just want the best looking pool in the neighborhood and don’t want the headache, we are the company to call. We can accomplish this through a regular maintenance schedule, weekly, monthly or just a couple times per year. Tulsa pool cleaners can do it all. Even call us for a one-time cleaning. We are able to come to your home weekly or monthly to make sure that your swimming pool is in pristine condition, the filter is clean and stays clean and all of your chemicals are being used correctly. If you don’t hire the cleaning professionals at our company, then you will be spending a lot of unneeded and unwanted time not only cleaning your pool, but learning all the complicated steps it takes to keep your pool in tip top shape.

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We Flat out have the best swimming pool cleaning prices around and will not be beat! Not only do we have some of the best prices, we are very excited to tell you about our exclusive promotions and discounts that we offer to our customers! When you finally come to the realization that you need a pool care professional service company to keep your pool the cleanest in the neighborhood give us a call! While we are discussing your pool care needs, ask about our pool care promotions and coupons, we will gladly discuss with you exactly what we can do to help both you, your pool and your wallet out.

If you want to be known for having the best pool in the neighborhood with minimal amounts of work on your part, then give us a call at 918-555-5555 and we will make sure all of your pool care needs are taken care of!

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